Rouge24 Applies Transparency to Private Brand Packaging Design

Rouge24 Applies Transparency to Private Brand Packaging Design

Across all industries, it’s been well documented that collaboration and transparency are more than just buzzwords—they can make a big impact on a company’s bottom line. This is especially true in the private brand industry, where retailers, manufacturers and suppliers are in heavy competition with nationally recognized brand names. According to results from the recent Global Private Label Supply Chain Transparency survey by private label product lifecycle management solutions provider Trace One, more than half of respondents attribute improved customer sales and loyalty to transparency, and 83 percent say that transparency impacts consumer confidence and buying behavior. Additionally, 81 percent of those surveyed—global private label executives across a range of industries—said their organizations are more productive because of their ability to collaborate.

While transparency clearly benefits private brand retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, it’s also essential to the design process, stresses Ann Macdonald, president and CEO of Rouge24, a boutique branding and packaging agency specializing in private brand work. “We’ve moved way beyond tracking our process with spreadsheets,” Macdonald says. “Our cloud-based structure allows for complete transparency, both internally and with clients, which improves efficiency, resulting in cost-savings for clients. It also helps clients understand our process.”

At Rouge24, achieving a collaborative and transparent workflow process has been first and foremost a necessity, as the agency is made up entirely of a remote workforce located across the country. To keep hundreds of simultaneous packaging design projects on track through complex levels of client approvals and deliver them on time, the agency relies on a suite of tech-forward tools.

“The process is made to be very visible, so that everyone involved knows what is happening from step to step,” says Rouge24 Director of Operations Minh Reza. “We use cloud-based project management systems as a depository for project information and assets and for discussion, as well as for tracking projects and schedules. We also use a cloud-based proofing system where everything is centralized for all reviewers to see the proofs and everyone else’s comments. It’s much more effective versus sending PDFs back and forth through email and managing everyone’s comments.”

Adopting a cloud-based structure that allows clients to fully see and participate in Rouge24’s design process has been invaluable to the relationship, Macdonald says. “Transparency makes clients feel better because they truly know where things are in the process,” she says. “Otherwise, it’s a black hole, which is where we all were before these technological tools came on the scene. Transparency helps reduce stress, build relationships and improve productivity—and it ensures that everyone is held accountable.”







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